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Overview of a Short-Term Construction Loans

The short-term financing loan is designed to help contractors meet unexpected business expenses, working capital needs in the short run, and opportunities that come up unexpectedly. These types of loans work great when you have a supplier that requires upfront payment, but you don’t plan on making money back in sales for weeks or months.

Short-term loans can also help with opportunities that come up from time to time, like serving coffee at a convention or catering opportunities that require upfront expenses before realizing the revenue.


Loan Amount

$2,500 to $250,000


Payback Period

3 to 18 Months


Interest Rates

Starting at 10%


Qualifying Time

1 day but could be longer

What is a Short-Term Loan?

A contractor’s short-term loan is a loan that has a short window to pay back both interest and principal, typically 3 to 18 months. Short-term loans are easier to qualify for but also have a higher interest rate than a conventional loan.


Who Qualifies for a Short-Term loan?

A short-term financing loan looks at different things than a conventional loan to qualify for financing. We look at how much you have in sales each month and your annual revenue. It’s all about the cash flow with this type of loan. Great cash flow equals a larger loan amount.


Keep in mind that other factors matter but will determine the interest rate more than actually qualifying for the loan. Your credit score combined with the history will determine the interest rate.


Annual Sales



Credit Score



Business Age

1 Years

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