Commercial Mortgage Loans

Commercial Mortgage Loan Program

In today’s competitive economy, business owners are wise to use all the tools they can to find the best rates on commercial mortgage loans.

We offer many such tools and services, including fast and easy decision-making.

Whether you are looking for commercial mortgage loans for construction, development, or land acquisition, We can help you secure your loan commercial loan package.


Loan Amount

No Limit


Payback Period

10 to 25 Years


Interest Rates

2.2% up to 12%


Qualifying Time

30 Days

What are Commercial Mortgage Loans?

One of the things that commercial mortgage lenders look for is the borrower’s new or expanding business to generate a solid income after construction is completed. In other words: regular mortgage loans are structured around the projected market value of the property in question.

Commercial mortgage loans include that plus the projected income the business is expected to make. Retail stores would mean sales income; for apartment buildings, it would mean occupancy rate.


Who Qualifies for a Commercial Mortgage?

Getting approved for a commercial real estate loan is somewhat different than a mortgage on your house. You are using the property as all or in part for your business – and paying back the loan with the revenue from the business. The loan will be based on your ability to pay back the loan and cover your monthly payment.


Down Payment



Credit Score



Eligible Property Types

Office, retail, industrial, hotels, restaurants, medical, entertainment, and specialty properties

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